We envision a movement in which women of color are in leadership roles and have access to power; a movement that is not white-dominated, where women of color are valued and not tokenized.

The fact that we bring our “whole selves” to this work and do not create silos between our families, communities, and professional lives.
Our unique ways of working, of sharing information, and our timeframes
Respect, power sharing, and listening to one another in WoC safe spaces
The importance of supporting one another and giving voice to pain and anger from our many histories of oppression in order to heal
Our history and the role of elders in passing on wisdom and experience.
New Ideas and Energy and the Role of young advocates in the Future of the Movement.

The mission of the Massachusetts Women of Color Network is to support the leadership of women of color working in the sexual assault and domestic violence movements in Massachusetts. In order to support and maintain the leadership of woc, we share knowledge and resources and provide peer-to-peer support and mentorship for woc working in domestic violence and sexual assault. In order to honor and elevate the role of Woč in ending violence, we also shed light on Institutional racism and challenge the systems that uphold and perpetuate our oppression.

Authentic Connection
Imparting History & Knowledge 
“Lift As We Climb”
Sharing Power
Community Building
Community Care 
Fostering/Encouraging Thriving 
Radical Self-Preservation
Collective Liberation

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