The 13 Reasons We’re Celebrating

  1. We are an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
  2. We have an EXCELLENT Team
    • Staff- Executive Director, Kishana Smith
    • Program Associate, Dani W.
    • Board of Directors, 11 Women of Color leaders in the movement
    • Circle Members,
      1. Community, Care, and Connection Circle
      2. Administration and Fundraising Circle
      3. Training and Technical Assistance Circle
  3. We celebrate the work of outstanding Women of Color working in the Sexual and Domestic violence movement.
    • Tonight we will highlight the accomplishments of 13 Women of Color in the field and will award 2 of the nominees with the Irvienne Goldson Community, Care, and Connection Award
  4. We honor the 7 Women of Color who founded the Ma Women of Color Network in 2010.
  5. We are ecstatic about the Keeping Black Survivors Alive Project
    • A cohort of 5 Black Women-led organizations that offer sexual and domestic violence services in Massachusetts
    • The Keeping Black Survivors Alive multimedia toolkit will be released in 2024
  6. We mean diversity, equity, and inclusion (D.E.I), and we are D.E.I
    • MAWOCN is a diverse network of Women of Color in Massachusetts ranging across the diaspora of color and culture, race, ethnic origin, ancestry, age, physical attributes, mental or physical abilities, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, and immigration status. We acknowledge and celebrate our similarities and differences while continuing to do the work, internally and in our communities, to be better allies to one another. 
  7. We celebrate our Network of over 500 Women of Color
    • Over 10 languages are spoken within our group. 
  8. We celebrate the thoughtful and innovative resources and services offered this year.
    • In addition to training and technical assistance, this year we served over 134 WoC who work in the sexual and domestic violence fields in Massachusetts; offering them a number of resources, including professional development funds, flex funds that were used for medical expenses, and rental costs, and health and wellness funds
    • Since our inception, 1,188 women of color have attended our trainings and conferences
  9. We celebrate our mission, MAWOCN supports the leadership and sustainment of Women of Color working in the sexual and domestic Violence movement in Massachusetts.
    • We want to enhance and support Women of Color leadership, and we look forward to the next 13 years of service to our communities!
  10. Massachusetts is recognizing the importance of Women of Color in positions of leadership and honoring their authentic representation.
    • Special Appreciation to the Massachusetts Attorney General, Andrea Campbell, and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley for all the profound work that you are doing in our state.
    • The passage of the CROWN Hair Act in Massachusetts represents a critical step towards preventing the detrimental effects of discrimination based on natural and protective hairstyles, which directly affects communities of color.
  11. We are proud of our publications, Positions Held by Women of Color in the Anitviolence Movement (2017), and Keeping Black Survivors Alive (2021).
    • Since the 2017 publications, women of color leadership has doubled across the field, but there is still ALOT more work to be done. 
    • 8 BIPOC Executive Directors of the 62 Jane Doe Inc. member organizations are approximately 13% of BIPOC Executive leadership
  12. For this celebration, we partnered with a few of Boston’s Best: the men and women of color who offered great food, great music, and great personality!: ZAZ, DJ WhySham, and our special guest MCs: Tayla Andre, and Boston’s first black woman owner of an online radio station: Danielle Johnson!
  13.  Another of many successful events at another fabulous venue, and being able to offer practical and accessible accommodations to our valued members and supporters.